Essay writing can be an anxiety-inducing task for many students; even for the brightest ones.

The easiest way to complete a great essay: personal experience

There are a few tips you can utilize to easily complete your paper, as well as achieve great marks for it. This article will talk about our personal experience in attaining great marks the easy way, without devoting hundreds of hours to the cause.


For us, planning is the number one tip to utilize if you want to easily complete your papers. What a plan does, is that it gives you a reference point to look back to when you are writing your paper.

Another advantage to planning your work is that often times many students have great ideas for their paper, but when it comes time to write, their mind goes blank and they forget about these great ideas. However, when you have these written down then you do not need to worry about forgetting those same ideas.

The manner in which you should plan, is that you should write down what you aim to write in each of your paragraphs. This will make your plan a condensed version of your final paper, and it will be easy for you to structure your work and look back on your plan.


Another tip to utilize to complete a great paper is to look at other stellar examples that have achieved high marks. This will give you an idea of the standard you need to achieve to attain high marks. It will also subconsciously help your own writing, as you will be trying to emulate the same style as you have seen in the examples.


Having a good structure to your paper can make it very easy to complete. Furthermore, your professors and teachers will also be looking to mark not only the content of your work, but also the structure. Thus, it is pivotal that your writing is logical and flows well, not just for your own sake but to also attain high marks.

We recommend that you follow the simple structure as laid out below:

  • Introduction: The introduction is a simple overview of what you will be discussing in your paper. Due to this, many students write the introduction as the last thing of their paper, since only after completion do they fully know how the paper pans out.
  • Main body: These are the main paragraphs where you advocate for your position and/or answer the essay question. You need to make sure that your writing is split into small paragraphs consisting of 5-6 sentences. This is because shorter paragraphs are easier to digest and follow.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion sums up your main points. You need to repeat your main talking points, since this will be the last thing your reader sees, and you need to create a lasting impression of it.

Spell Check

Another great tip to easily compose a great paper, and one that saves a lot of time editing, is to use a program with a spell check. This will highlight any spelling or grammar mistakes you have made instead of you having to go back and manually check for these mistakes yourself. It is even better if you can get a spell check that automatically rescinds incorrect punctuation and grammar.

As you can see, these tips are easy to implement in your writing process, and can considerably shorten the amount of time and effort you need to spend on your essay to achieve great marks. It is highly recommended to utilize these tips whenever you are tasked with writing a paper as it saves a lot of valuable time.