Polish Plane Crash Passenger List

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The Polish plane crash passenger list in which the Polish President died has just been released to the media and suddenly the enormity of the situation becomes a lot more grave. The passenger list reads like a who’s who of Polish politics and will surely have enormous repercussions for the country.

Polish Plane Crash Passenger List

Here follows part of the airplane’s manifest for the fatal flight that went down earlier today under severe fog conditions:

Lech Kaczynski, President of the Republic of Poland
Maria Kaczynska, the president’s wife
Ryszard Kaczorowski, head of Poland’s London-based government-in-exile during the communist period
General Tadeusz Buk, Head of Polish Land Forces
Leszek Deptula, MP
Grzegorz Dolniak, MP
Katarzyna Doraczynska, President’s Chancellery
Janina Fetlinska, Senator
General Franciszek Gagor, Chief of Staff
Grazyna Gesicka, MP
Przemyslaw Gosiewski, MP
Mariusz Handzlik, Minister at the President’s Chancellery
Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka, MP
Sebastian Karpiniuk, MP
Admiral Andrzej Karweta, Head of Polish Navy
Mariusz Kazana, Foreign Ministry
Janusz Kochanowski, Poland’s Ombudsman
Stanislaw Jerzy Komorowski, Deputy Defence Minister
Andrzej Kremer, Deputy Foreign Minister
Janusz Kurtyka, National Remembrance Institute head
Tomasz Merta, Deputy Culture Minister
Aleksandra Natalli-Swiat, MP
Piotr Nurowski, head of Polish Olympics Committee
Krzysztof Putra, Deputy Speaker of parliament
Arkadiusz Rybicki, MP
Slawomir Skrzypek, head of Poland’s central bank
Wladyslaw Stasiak, head of Kaczynski’s Chancellery
Aleksander Szczyglo, head of the National Security Bureau
Jerzy Szmajdzinski, Deputy Speaker of parliament
Jolanta Szymanek-Deresz, MP
Izabela Tomaszewska, President’s Chancellery
Anna Walentynowicz, former Solidarity activist
Zbigniew Wassermann, MP
Wieslaw Woda, MP
Edward Wojtas, MP
Pawel Wypych, Minister and Kaczynski’s Chancellery
Stanislaw Zajac, Senator

With so many influential figures dead, Poland faces a period of political restructuring that those in Poland are loathe to begin, given they want to respect the dead and not appear to be clawing their way to power.

There will be more updates as more of the 96 names are discovered. This is a tragic day for Poland and there will be a 2 minute silence in memory of those who lost their lives today on Sunday April 11th 12pm C.E.T. We will update the Polish plane crash passenger list when further details emerge.


  • We feel pain and despair.
    People stop and cry on the streets.
    Today, crying the whole Polish nation.
    I have no words to describe it.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. May they rest in peaceful repose and may each one be honored for the positive contributions they made to their fellow man.
    The sympathy and compassion of the world is with you. We are one.

  • To the people and nation of Poland. Our prayers are with you in this time of loss and sorrow. A Triduum of Masses will be offered for all those who perished on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday and the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II
    Rev. C. Frank Phillips, CR
    Pastor: St. John Cantius Church Chicago, USA

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