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If you only read one piece of news today, then the story of Bloom Energy and its Bloombox Fuel cell technology is the one that should be on the top of your list. Bloom Energy’s Bloombox Fuel Cell is simply a revolution of the highest order, at a time when the topic of cheap & environmentally safe energy carries such magnitude – this latest breakthrough is quite something to behold. While you might be looking for Bloom Box stock advice, or the Bloom Energy stock symbol or IPO information – this post is more focused on the technological side of this fascinating discovery.

Bloom EnergyInformation

First of all, who or what is Bloom Energy? Bloom Energy is the company behind this latest breakthrough technology. The man behind the idea? It’s K.R. Sridhar who is a former NASA rocket scientist who has a history of innovation in topics most of us fail to even understand.

Bloom Box

So if Bloom Energy is the company behind this miraculous technology, what is the product name you might be wondering. This is what is called the Bloom Box or Bloombox. This is a device that can be put near your home and you can generate enough electricity for your whole household, and multiple houses if you don’t use much electricty like in Asia.

Bloom Box Fuel Cell

Now how would this mysterious box be able to create electricty. The very simple translation for us non rocket scientists is as follows:

Fuel goes in, air goes in, out comes electricity.

Yes, it’s that simple. As for what type of fuel the device needs to consume, the Sridhar says there are a variety of options:

“Our system can use fossil fuels like natural gas. Our system can use renewable fuels like landfill gas, bio-gas, We can use solar.”

Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box has already been in use by companies, for example Google uses it to power one of their data centers. The technology, simply put, works.

They already have the support of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, he is in their board of directors and believes it is a partial solution to the world’s energy problem.

bloom energy bloombox

bloom energy bloombox

The challenge now for Bloom Energy’s Bloombox is to reduce costs at acceptable levels (below that of other forms of energy like sun and wind power) and to try to limit other big companies such as G.E to take the technology to themselves.

But K.R. Sridhar believes that large utility companies will simply buy the boxes from his Bloom Energy, at around 3000$ once costs are reduced, and service them out.

Bloom Energy’s Bloombox Fuel Cell Information technology is something that was hoped for a long time now. Finally, Sridhar and his team have gotten close to realizing the dream of eliminating the need for an eletricity grid. Whether Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box ends up in our homes or not – Sridhar will have played a big part in solving one of the planet’s biggest problems.


  • fair play that man =D

  • This is truly wonderful. If it works Mr K.R. Sridhar deserves the Nobel Prize TIMES 20!

  • Please do NOT sell this wonderful invention to the corrupt electric companies. Why not sell them to the PEOPLE???????

  • frank frazitta

    Why sell it to the large power companies who will gouge us? Sell it to individual homeowners.

  • This kind of technology has been around for years with most of the major energy companies worldwide testing similar fuel cell devices. This is just a marketing ploy for this particular company, don’t be fooled. One of the first will be available to individual home owners in Australia through Neco later this year.

  • Who is going to service these things when they break?

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