A Detailed Academic Paper Writing Guidance For Rookies 

You must be excited as well as nervous if you are writing your first academic paper i.e. dissertation, research paper, thesis or writing a term paper . But being too excited or too nervous can be a bad thing as they might lead to unwanted errors. Before you proceed with your endeavor, here are some points to help you write get a complete picture of the requirement of an academic or a research papers. You can always opt to buy paper online; but these points will also help you procuring a better professional help with research paper from the online services.

Plan your project

Treat your paper like a project and plan accordingly.

  • Make a schedule for the entire task marking important areas.
  • Use an organizational chart or a planner and put it up in a visible manner.
  • Spot probable weak areas and plan for eventualities.
  • Mark you progress along the schedule – it is a great motivation.

Get a suitable topic

  • If you can choose your topic then choose according to your interest, knowledge or experience.
  • If the topic is given then think of an interesting angle or approach.
  • Get a topic which has Find a topic which has plenty of usable resources.
  • Get topic which is approved by your Institute.

Study existing works

You have to extensively study the existing works on the topic. This is required for –

  • Forming the thesis statement or question or the research question of your paper. The thesis question will design and direct the entire paper.
  • Get supporting data for your research question. Also note down the missing links or information – you cal include them interestingly in the body of your paper.
  • Record all the sources, data and citations for creating the bibliography or reference page of your paper.

Outline your paper

Before starting to write, form a skeleton for the whole paper. These questions will help -

  • What statement do you want to make in your paper and why is it important?
  • What kind of data do you require for supporting your statement?
  • What are the areas which lack information?

Plan the writing

When you are writing, keep in mind these points –

  • Start writing early and write regularly.
  • Write in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • Follow your Institute’s format right from the start.
  • Adhere to your research question throughout.
  • Stress the important aspects of your paper.
  • Be explicit with your results and conclusion.
  • Use illustration and other tools where required.
  • Plan in details the abstract, introduction and summery of the paper.
  • Use standard software and word processor.
  • Get a regular response from your guide.

Edit regularly

Edit when you write, and remember to correct -

  • Common errors, grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Adherence to the Institute format.
  • Inconsistency in narrative or style.
  • Citations, reference or bibliography page

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